Called and Gifted Workshops

Ever wondered about your vocation?
Do you feel called to serve God more deeply?

Discover God’s Call for your Life

God is calling you to a unique purpose in life; a work of love that only you can do. Discern your charisms [spiritual gifts] and begin to discern God’s call. You have received gifts in Baptism and Confirmation through which God intends his love to reach others. Come, and discover those charisms!

The Called and Gifted Workshop is offered over two days [Friday evening and Saturday], or a series of five two-hour sessions. It includes Church teaching on the laity and apostleship, the nature of charisms, call and vocation, and how to undertake the process of discernment. 

The workshop is useful for:

  • Cradle Catholics and active parishioners;
  • Young adults discerning career/vocational direction;
  • Parents assisting children live their faith and recognise their gifts;
  • Catholic teachers assisting students recognise their gifts;
  • Parish staff and leaders who want to nurture and empower parishioners;
  • Catholics discerning a call to religious life;
  • New or returning Catholics exploring what it means to live their faith as an adult;
  • People in transition: changing jobs, empty nesters, returning to work, facing retirement.

This workshop will teach you:

  • Church teaching on the laity and lay apostleship
  • The five steps of discerning the gifts God has given you for your work in the world
  • The signs and characteristics of the 24 most common charisms
  • How discerning your call can change your life
  • How discerning your call can change the world and spread the Gospel
  • How discerning and using our gifts together can help transform and renew our parishes


Want to host a workshop for your parish?

Contact: Clara Geoghegan
+61 448 411 389


Personal, practical and challenging! A great insight into the role we can all play in the Church.” 
 Andrew, teacher, Melbourne

“A liberating experience. It gave me the confidence to name my call and alter my career path so that my charisms can be more fully utilized.”
Leonie, Nurse, Geelong

“I would urge anyone who is thinking about Called and Gifted to make time to do the workshop – it will change your life.”
Joan, Parishioner, Melbourne

“It was like going to the optician, it all became clearer about how my gifts assisted others and brought fulfilment to myself. I feel much more at home with these gifts and it has helped me to grow in love with God and the community.”
Fr John, Parish Priest, Canberra-Goulburn

“Using a charism is like opening a window through which you see a sliver of how things are done in the Kingdom of Heaven. In a very realy way, it is the Lord sharing himself personally with you as he goes about redeeming the world.”
Fr Frank, Parish Priest, Melbourne