Supernatural gifts

A charism is a supernatural gift and it had supernatural effects. When I say this, I often see people raise their eyebrows. How so? Let me explain.

Charisms are supernaturally empowered ways in which God’s mercy, love, healing, truth, beauty and provision will reach others through us. Charisms, unlike skills or talents can never be kept to ourselves or used deliberately for evil.


Experience the joy of the Gospel at Proclaim 2016

Come and join PROCLAIM 2016, a conference on the New Evangelisation. Organised and hosted on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay, PROCLAIM 2016 will draw together over 500 participants to discuss, exchange and learn fresh ways in which parishes can become evangelising communities.


Developing Spiritual Gifts and Language for Evangelisation

How we evangelise is personal and distinctive. We do not all evangelise in the same way and our effectiveness is linked with our openness to allowing the Holy Spirit to animate us. Some evangelise through intercessory prayer, others through friendship, or works of mercy, or teaching.