Developing Spiritual Gifts and Language for Evangelisation

Clara Geoghegan

How we evangelise is personal and distinctive. We do not all evangelise in the same way and our effectiveness is linked with our openness to allowing the Holy Spirit to animate us. Some evangelise through intercessory prayer, others through friendship, or works of mercy, or teaching. This workshop will help participants enhance their capacity to evangelise through identifying their spiritual gifts and present different styles of evangelising through the lives of the saints. Everyone has their own ‘evangelising language’ which is linked to the charisms, or gifts, we have received from the Holy Spirit. The workshop will also facilitate discussion about ways in which parishes can assist in identifying and nurturing language of evangelisation within their community, in the midst of the Church for the sake of the world.


Clara Geoghegan is the co-director of the Siena Institute. Clara has worked in parishes, dioceses and schools across Australia helping lay Catholics discern their spiritual gifts (Charisms). Clara is passionate about helping lay Catholics live out their vocation in the Church and the world and showing how discerning of charisms helps identify the call that the Holy Spirit had given each individual. Clara also teaches Church History and Spirituality at Catholic Theological College, Melbourne.